Pastor Ozi - Nobody Like you

[Audio & Song Lyrics] Nobody Like You – Pastor Ozi

Immediate Effect Music recording artist Pastor Ozi returns with his third single of the year; the hard-hitting “Nobody Like You,” a song that seems to weave through R&B, Pop, and Rap at the same time.

Nobody Like You
Nobody Like You
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Lyrics of Nobody Like You By Pastor Ozi
You are Fearful in Praise
Always doing Wonders everywhere
Nobody, Nobody Like You (X2)
You’re the Creator of all
Always reigning Supreme over all
Nobody, Nobody like you

Solo 1:
It’s not where you are,
But where God sends you
It’s not where you find,
But where God finds for you
It’s not who you are
But who lives inside of you
So you must give Him Praise
Nobody Compares with Him
Many in London,
Have not done anything
Many in China, are not Shining
Many in UK, are not okay
Many in Spain, are still in Pain
(Repeat Chorus)

Solo 2:
Korokoro, you can see the world is ending

Korokoro, you can see the world is changing

Korokoro, disaster blowing everywhere

Many in Europe, are roped in Lack and Want

Many in Italy, their lives have not tallied
You better change, You better live right
You better change, you better live right
You better change, you better live right
(Repeat Chorus)

Nobody, Nobody Like you…

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Twitter: OziPst
Facebook: Immediateeffectmusic

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